Assessment Payments are made to your local County Assessors Office.

Annual water assessments for Douglas County are paid in Waterville to Douglas County;  P.O. Box 609 Waterville, WA  98858 

Annual water assessments for Chelan County are paid in Wenatchee to Chelan County;  P.O. Box 1441 Wenatchee, WA  98807 

Excess water payments or their individual charges are paid in the District office, located at 3300 8th street SE, East Wenatchee.  (on the corner of SE 8th street and South Union street)  

These charges need to be paid prior to the start of the water delivery each year and may keep you from receiving water until paid in full.

RRA forms, if needed, must be in the local office prior to water delivery each year.

Easement Information:

At the District Office we have maps available detailing our pipelines, power lines, easements, pump stations as well as other valuable information.

Currently, we are working with the USBR to help protect their easements and help educate the public of easement locations as well as the allowed uses of properties with easements.