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2022 Service Fees

GWID Irrigation Standards

Subdivision Requirements

Contiguous Lands: 

If you are requesting parcels to be included in contiguous lands for billing purposes, you must have your request submitted to GWID no later than April 1st of the current irrigation season.  To be eligible, the parcels must join each other (except for a roadway), be owned by the same entity, and that entity must be the sole user of the water meter(s) for the parcels.  If you are unsure of the entity, please verify your tax records.  You must request the parcel numbers you would like considered.  If you are leasing property, a copy of the notarized lease will be required.  The lease must include the parcel number, length of lease, and notarized signatures of all parties involved. 


Developers within the district will need to complete a permit before they begin any construction.